Renting to travel nurses

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Hi all-

I have heard that there are ways to rent to travel nurses but that you have to be put in a system. I am in the process of buying a property near a hospital and was wondering if anyone knew of how to rent to travel nurses and/or doctors.



I would call around the to contract agencies in your area and see if they have preferred housing providers. The travel nurses I know usually do airbnb for a week or two when they first get to the area until they can find something more solid.  Sometimes this is through word of mouth, sometimes through their agencies. There are also a lot of travel nurse fb groups for housing. 

You can also call the hospitals and clinics and ask them which company they use to hire traveling nurses. Then apply for those companies.

I used to manage 70 vacation rentals and had a lot o traveling nurses. A majority of them were a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Hey Sara,

There are website you can advertise on like for a reasonable price or you might want to go and present yourself to the local hospital and find the HR person there. My experience with travel nurses is that they are often  on a housing stipend so they are not ideal clients if you have something higher end, we make better margins on airbnb and vrbo but the travel nurses do tend to stay for longer periods. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

@Cheryl Vargas some people like to travel to see the world, meet new people, maybe sock away some extra money. Others are trying to get away from something.

I had one traveling nurse that trashed a house. She eventually paid everything and we didn't lose a dime but it was a four-month process. Turns out she was hopped up on prescription meds. Question: do you know how many boxes of Cheeze-It crackers a single woman can eat in three months? At least 47.

I had another one that moved in with a large dog. She quit her job two weeks after starting so we went to inspect the unit and discovered about $1,500 in damages. Her dog had torn up blinds, crapped inside and outside, chewed up trim and window sills, pet hair all over the couches, and more.

Most of them were great but some were awful.