Countertops for mid B to B+ rentals

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What kind of countertop materials  do you prefer in these types of properties if you have to redo the kitchen?  I have heard a lot about granite and expect that Formica would be more for low grade properties, but what about wood, tile, solid acrylic or stainless steel?

They make some really nice looking Formica and it is cheaper to replace if damaged.

I have a higher end Vrbo and I am seeing some small chipping on the edges of our granite countertop.

If I went solid surface I would see what the most durable one was and go that route even if it were more expensive.

This will largely be market dependent; check out other rentals in the area to see what tenants will expect. I have B/B+ rentals in Ohio, and laminate is the norm. However, if I’m redoing a small kitchen, I will often put in a tier 1 granite or quartz as it will only cost about $500-$1k more and it’s much more permanent. In bigger kitchens I stick to a nice custom laminate (not the off-the-shelf incredibly thin junk), as I can’t justify the extra cost of stone.

Regarding the other options, butcher block is often just as expensive as a cheap granite, and most tenants will not appreciate it or care for it. Large format tile can be a good option, but labor-intensive, won’t hold the same value as stone, and grout will eventually need to be redone. Corian is nice because you can sand out scratches, but I’ve found it to be more expensive than granite and does not have the same appeal to tenants. Have considered concrete but I’m concerned about the upkeep and lasting appeal.

If you’re not afraid to DIY, used Corian or soapstone counters can be fabricated on site fairly easily (we have done both). Obviously that requires extra work in searching for materials and then putting in the labor, but if you’re upgrading on a strict budget it’s an option!

Wow, thanks for all the fast responses!  I will take another look at Formica for DIY, as it seems they may have higher product quality than originally thought.

Keep in mind, granite needs to be cleaned and sealed at least 2 times/ year especially in a rental to avoid water stains and discoloration. We put in granite in ours but stay on top of re-sealing them bi-annually (usually takes less than 10 minutes during maintenance). I believe Quartz does not need to be sealed but the added cost is not worth it in our properties. 

You can go with a discontinued quartz finish to save money. In spite of what they tell you, QUARTZ DOES STAIN!!!!!