Oakland Calif -12 month lease or Month to month?

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With all the restrictions now on rentals in Oakland, CA - the only advantage to a year lease vs. MTM would appear to be that the LL can evict if a tenant refuses to sign a new lease that is identical to your old one (when the old one expires.)   For now, even with rent control, rent could be raised when unit is vacated & re-rented.

I prefer year leases that don't expire during the winter (harder time to rent).

I have a unit rented to a couple of unrelated 30-something roommates who are asking to go MTM. So far they're OK tenants & I'm sensing they're not planning to move soon, but - life happens...

Any Oakland LLs out there care to discuss what they'd do - -- or Oakland landlording tips in general?

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Lois what did you decide here? I am in the same situation this summer. Thanks!

 I always prefer M2M.  Even with the new law, you can still kick them out.  If you want to kick them out even though it's a no-fault termination, you just have to pay them.  I think it might be 2 months rent, I'm forgetting how much, but check the law.  It doesn't say you can't evict them forever without cause.  It just says you have to pay them to move out.  Cash for keys, basically.  I think they call it a relocation fee, but same thing.

@Stephen G.   Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

I went MTM & one tenant is leaving.  

Now with the rental market in flux, the remaining one is asking for a rent reduction, though not because they lost income due to Covid, but because it's not easy to find a new housemate. 

This may be a topic for a new thread....