How much should a new roof cost.

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Can anyone give me a reasonable estimate for replacing a roof Per square , have both 1 & 2 story sf homes . Mostly 800 to 1100 sq ft . homes. I am looking to budget for replacement in Dayton Ohio. I believe that we can put new shingles over exhibiting shingles only if it will be a second set of shingles not a 3rd. How much to Re-shingle as well as to to remove old roof repair plywood and replace shingles.

I just had a 9K quote on about 7 square. That was complete tear and re-shingle. Depending on the condition of the underlayment the cost could jump a bit. Up here we even have cedar shake sometimes from the orig build, which means plywood is needed over the whole thing! My contractor uses top quality underlayment & shingle. His job is also designed for the abrasive winter months, so there is a bit of a premium for that.

Hope it helps :D

Hi Mike,

Are you looking at cost of materials and doing ityourself, or are you looking for a complete price on material and labor from a roofing company?

Prices from roofers vary greatly esp. by area. Find a couple reputable roofers and call them out and get a bunch of estimates for a baseline to go off on.


To add to what Chris suggested, I highly recommend getting a subscription to Angie's list if you're looking for contractors. Usually you can call the top 3-4 ranked people for whatever you're looking for. If you happen to slip into the conversation that you found them on Angie's list, I've noticed the pricing seems to get much more competitive. They are much more motivated to do an excellent job when they have their reputation on the line.

If you're planning on doing it yourself....good luck! is another excellent resource. I located a vendor who did a complete tear off, repair and shingle on a 1100sqf house for $8,000.

Thanks for the input so far. I am not doing it myself, I am trying to gauge the cost per square so I can judge the estimates I am getting. they range from $3000 to put a new roof over the existing. ( that may not be to code if there are already 2 sets) and $6500 for a tear down replace any rotted plywood and replace .

Just had complete tear-off of 3 layers (not supposed to have more than 2 layers by code), alot of wood replacement, new underlayment, flashing, vents and shingles on a 905sqf house done for $5900. Also the roofer let me fill the dumpster up the rest of the way from all the demo work I did inside, saved me another $250.

Thanks Ryan, how many square were used? Mark's estimate is $1286 a square for a complete tare and re shingle. I know you are in very different areas but it will give me some insight.

A few months back I had a 720 Sqft house done for $2400. It had two existing layers. They took it down to the plywood and replaced three bad 4 X 8 sheets, new flashing etc.

I have not heard an answer yet! If you do not have a roofing contractor look to spend around $55 to $65 a square for a lay over and $85 to $95 a square for tear off and lay including the nails and felt ( No Decking ). I just bought 28squares open pack 30yr shingles from a discount roofing yard for $1800. Three tab would have been $1,000. I pay $35 a square for lay over and $55 for tear off and lay. I was out of $2,800 for whole job including the dump fee. My prices are cheap because of all the renovation work I do.

I am located in Dayton Ohio and my other company is a landscape installation company. Being in the industry I have run into most of the roofing contractors in the area and can tell you some companies to look at and some to stay away from if you would like. Feel free to message me.

I know in my market $200/square is a pretty good estimate for a re-roof. If you price it out yourself, materials probably run about $100/square for architectural shingles, felt, ridge vents, etc. A 11000 sf ranch should be about 22 squares or around $4500.

The wholesale price in my market is $90/square for architectural 30 yr shingles and 65-85 per square for tear off, install and removal of debris. Add felt, drip edge, roof vent, ice dam barrier ($1/ft labor)
Around $200 per square total is pretty good. Some of the prices up there make me cringe.
Also, I never shingle over another layer. You never know if / where the decking is bad. Sure, you might get by, but I'd sleep easier knowing it's all good. You could cut the roof life in half.

About $35 a square. Roofing contractors margins are insane for a trade that requires very little training. One can be fully trainded after putting on their first 2 roofs. I don't pay much more for a tear off. Basically I figure in the cost of the dumpster and about a 1/2 day more labor. I always consider when paying a contractor had skilled the task is. The guys up on the roof are making around $12 a hour. With that in mind, paying huge charges for a Roofing Contractor doesn't make much sense. Also, consider a roof can be put on in 1 day. Is that really worth thousands?

David--$8,000? What was the shingles made of? Is that what roofs cost in your part of the country? If so, I am in the wrong business.

Really $35 / square?? Shingles have jumped from $11 to $29 a bundle recently, it takes 3 bundles per sq, how does one do a roof for half the price of materials???

Perhaps I need to understand roofing terminology better. How much area is covered in a square of roofing as this differs from the square foot of the roof. also a quality roofing job will require proper venting and something called an ice dam barrier. It sounds like I should be getting a detailed estimate to evaluate price.

A square is 100 sg ft. it takes 3 bundles to do a square. and yes at least in freezing areas, you need ice and water shield and drip edge.

Thanks Dick, this clears up some of my confusion.

Price depends on the type of roof and the age of the building. We had a flat roof on an 83 year old building. The roof had been patched by my parents many times. Leaks inside the 2nd floor unit. Roofer put on a new roof and charged me $12,500, however when I had the roof checked a week afterwards, I found he put a new roof over old rotten boards and the moisture bumps were starting to show- he was to replace some of the boards as stated in the contract. Long story short, he would not redo the roof, so it cost me another $11,500 to have the new roof pulled up and replace the rotten wet boards underneath. I took him to Court. Lesson learned - make sure you know the condition of the board/planks replaced when doing a new roof and again depedning on age, replacee them. It will be cheaper in the long run.

In southwest Ohio, they generally want around $200-230/square for tearoff of single layer and reshingle with 30 yr dimensional, maybe 10% more if it's a 2 story, or the roof pitch is steep enough to require using brackets to stand on, all of which slows them down. Extra plywood that needs to be replaced is around $20-30 per 4x8 sheet.

The guys down south (Memphis, Atlanta) seem to get better pricing ($150/square).

Thanks Carole and David. you have added valuable information. Thanks to all your posts have put me on the right track. of course any referrals from bigger pockets members will be considered so please PM me with any you may have.

I hate to shingle over. Shingles dont last long enough anyway and shingle overs only last 1/2 to 2/3 of years of all new.

What I want to address is shingles are short lifed a bunch from 'cooking ' from the bottom. 95% of houses have poor inadequate ventilation.Dump all those turbine vents, bubble vents,gable end vents, even power vents,,,,they all dont work as well as you think and shouldnt be used any more.

Strictly ridge vent, with soffet vents and open space up every rafter bay. With insulation baffles to keep them open. Even on a calm day you wont believe how much heat is naturally chimneyed out the top. cant get old style to pass that much.

If soffets cant be opened for air intake there is a special vent you can shingle into roof

I have seen roofers do a real hack job on new roofs, careful who you hire. One of those jobs best direct supervised by eyes on roof,,,or d i y to be sure of what you get,

What part of country you live in makes difference on how much ice and water and "30" pound felt to use,,,most pro roofers want to use 15 pound!!! Plus shortcut flashing process.

I pay about $150/square in Atlanta (retail is closer to $180/square). This includes tear-off, underlayment, reshingle and haul-away with 25 year composite shingles, no ridge vent.

Add $1 foot for ridge vents and about 10% for architectural shingles. Add another $30/square for tear-off of each additional layer above the first.

Im sure alex was just talking labor prices.. I pay 45/square for labor and he buys his own nails.. I supply dumpster and materials, which usually runs me around 70/square.

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