Need a contractor referral in Omaha Nebraska

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Unfortunately my contractor is almost done with my project and can't finish, so I am looking for someone to take over and finish it up.  Another person that I normally use is booked out quite a ways so I am looking for someone who might have a little more scheduling flexibility.  There is not a whole lot left. Mainly Kitchen and bath flooring, vanity, backsplash, and a few other odds and ends. So if you know a good contractor that you are willing to share, send me their info. Thanks

We've had good luck on the CB side of the river with James Owens of J.E. Owens and Sons.  They've handled a pretty wide variety of projects for us.  I don't know what their schedule is like right now but they're my go-to in this part of the state.

@Chris Egan I have a flooring and tile guy that is in Fremont. He and his son are family and do a great job. He does also do work in Omaha. Not sure if you need more then just flooring and tile work. He has a second job at the airport and does come in to West /North Omaha too. Where is your project? PM me if you want his contact info.

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