How To Be A Good Landlord

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In order to be a good landlord you must be really good with people. You must be able to present a good personality when meeting with perspective tenants. A landlord must be kind but also tough when needed. A good landlord will be able to handle multiple things in a hectic work environment. You must have a really good team around to be able to be successful. You must hire really great people to help with the property. The property will need to be taken care of and the landlord must assure that all the items in the properties are running as they should be. A landlord must be able to get the community involved and do things to learn more about their current tenants. A landlord can hold community meetings or even fun meet and greet events. It will help the landlord to become a welcome sight to the resident. A landlord will have many different roles each day and must be ready for whatever happens. Problems will arise with tenants and they will want to feel that they are getting their money’s worth especially. They will expect their landlord to work quick to solve any problems that may occur.

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Key Points:

1. Character traits of a good landlord include: Comm.unicative, Respectful, Reliable, Organized, Professional and Knowledgeable

2. A landlord’s goal is to get the highest possible rent but also keep the property rented without down time.

3. Organization skills are the key to becoming a good landlord because accurate and detailed property records are critical.

Landlords oversee day to day operations, collect rent, and keep the property running smoothly.

Want to make some extra cash? Learn how to be a good landlord!

If you’ve been interested in passive income options, you may have thought about renting out property and becoming a landlord! I loved this article that answered a lot of questions I had about getting started on a good foot! Do you have any of the traits they listed that would make you successful in this field?

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I can work with most tenants if they communicate with me. Once they have an issue and put their head in the sand then I can't help them anymore.

I treat my tenants fairly. I have had tenants thank me after I have evicted them because they knew I worked with them as much as possible and tried to get things to work out.

I am my own PM and have systems in place so that running the rental empire takes very little time.

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