Mobile Home Insurance Policy Broker/Originator Referral Please

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Looking for a competent, responsive, ethical, hard-working insurance agent who can write in South Carolina. I've got an unusual thing, perhaps: one property with a duplex and another duplex and two mobile homes on it, and then we are going to tie in two other mobile homes which sit elsewhere - in a mobile home community. I have builder's risk, but the first mobile home is about rehabbed and ready for a tenant. I need landlord's risk or whatever it's called, and then in a couple months, others will start to move onto my owned piece of land (the duplexes and the two mobiles). Please refer me to an insurance broker or originator you like!

Thanks Ben, I looked Jared up. I'm in Charleston and I see the agency is exclusively in North Carolina... 

@Jason Merchey I use for all rentals including double wides. Which I suggest you say frame built if it's a double wide on perm foundation.

If single wide i agree many carriers don't cover single wides or even old double wides...

@Jason Merchey we use Foremost for all our sf and mobiles in SC. I'm sure they have an agent list on their website.

@Jason Merchey call Griffin Morrow with Mappus Insurance. They are local in Charleston is very knowledgeable with real estate and how investors need various coverage

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