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Does anyone have a suggestion for a asset management software for tracking the life of an asset from acquisition evaluation to its sale? I want to create and track capital budgets, store property data like sale price, loan terms, run property and portfolio calculations/analytics, etc - Asset mgmt stuff.

I currently work for a property management company using AppFolio, but the software is limited to PM functionality and is not tailored to Asset Mgmt.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

Sorry i should have added more info on my original post. I have 300 scattered site properties and will likely have 1000 more in the next 3 years. I do not want to spend all day working in excel. I am looking for a software that i can plug in data, and the program will do the work for me.

@Gabe G.

Hi Gabe,

Thank you for your question! Yardi Voyager has better infrastructure for more of an asset/portfolio/fund management perspective and it also has custom reporting features. I will say, the cost may be prohibitive if you do not own/operate at least several thousand units. I was preparing asset/portfolio analyses in Excel for close to 10,000 units before there was a Yardi implementation and data migration.

Please feel at liberty to reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss further. I wish you well!



@Gabe G. did you ever find a good asset management software? I'm in the middle of building my own but it's taking forever so I decided to try to do a quick search again to see if there is something good out there that is not too bulky on the property management side.