Now using RentmindMe to collect rent

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Hey BP! Just wanted to share a resource I've started using that's been pretty helpful. I'm now using RentmindMe to collect rent. It's also helpful for keeping track of leases and deposits. I tried out Cozy but have found RentmindMe to be more user-friendly. Their website is

I have no professional affiliation with RentmindMe outside of meeting the founders, @Ben Lynch and Dina Lynch here on BP. Just trying to share a helpful resource with the community that has made my landlording life a little easier. 

Happy Friday!

@Nicole Heasley

I just signed a contract for a 3-unit property. First deal, first property, first side income in my 20 year career in the work force.

Having an app for managing certain aspects of my rental property sounds beyond amazing! And that’s an understatement.

As a user of the application, what can you tell me about its features? Which one are your favorites?

Thank you for sharing.

I've used Tellus for my rental property. My tenants pay me the rent through the app with no other fee and I can also track rent toll and other financial reports from the app too. It's mobile friendly so I can use it just from my phone. So convenient when you manage everything from my phone! 

@Jose Castillo I appreciate the customer service. They have an actual phone number you can call if you have an issue, which is a rarity when you're talking about internet-based companies. There are other programs, as @Evan Brookman mentioned, that do some of the things RentmindMe does, but I found their program the most easy to use. I also love that tenants can communicate with me through the program to submit work orders. Most importantly, if they pay late, RentmindMe applies the late fee. So I can make them the bad guy. "Sorry, the program applies the fee automatically. I can't take it off."

I use Tellus app too, also a mobile app with rent reminders and late rent reminders (totally agree the late fee reminders are great. I don't have to be the bad guy and I don't have to log into my bank account each month to check). @Jose Castillo my favorite feature of Tellus is probably the multi-user feature. Basically you can assign more than one user to a property so I have my mom and husband on it too and we can help out with each other's tasks. This means mom can jump in and reply to my tenant for me if I'm too busy. Also it means receipts always get logged right away versus me having to ask her for the receipts!

I have my first rental property under contract. I look forward to learning this app for my business. Speaking of mom, my mom has a 3-unit and will definitely benefit from this. 

Good insight! Thank you.