Tenant of 10 years wants a new paint job due to cracking

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We have cracking issues on a duplex in CA due to bad soil/earthquakes - the cracks always reappear. We've taken care of cracks/painted every time there's a new tenant but this tenant has stayed longer than most (nearly a decade now). He wants the cracks patched and the house repainted for aesthetic reasons. Is this our responsibility? I think the job would cost around $2500-3000

@Juneau Dahl

Well That’s a call your going to have to make depending on your income your reserves the asset class and the quality of tenant . Are you sure you can’t find somebody that can do it cheaper ? Ten years is a long time and if it actually needs it done then I’d go for it but I’d certainly get atleast three estimates from local handyman

@Juneau Dahl , do the cracks reappear in the same places?  How do you even remember them after 10 years?  Use the reinforced fabric 'screen' tape to repair the cracks, and get the apartment repainted.  This one is on the owner.

I would patch and paint at least the affected walls. 

Your alternative is to refuse. The tenant moves out. Now you have vacancy and you’re still paying for the same repairs. 

What’s your worst case scenario? They move out in 2-3 years and it still looks good? Or they stay another 10 years and ask you to paint again?

You’re talking about $20/mo expense based on 10 years. 

Painting is significantly cheaper than turning the unit. And you'd have to paint then anyway. If they are good tenants, I'd paint right away. That way you're justifying your annual rent increase also (if they are in a rent controlled unit).