Extra keys given to a person not on the lease

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A renter simply “giving keys someone” is likely not regulated.....that someone, not on the lease, occupying the property would be different. 

As a landlord, I would not give a set of keys to a non-tenant. But I would have no issue with giving the tenant a second set of keys to do what they want with. (As long as I feel that they aren’t ignoring the 14+ day guest rule in my lease).

Why would you open yourself up to a problem giving keys to someone who might not supposed to have them?

I had to make the topic short..In my lease the 14 day rule is in effect at the time.

She gave her "fiance" a set of keys to the apt . Upon renewing the lease it was changed to a 5 day rule. I asked the question on here to get some feedback ...because there is really no law about giving a key to a non-tenant based on the information I checked. Unless i stated that in the lease.

Thanks for all the feedback.

One other note for some of the comedians in here thanks for the laughs as well.

Are you required to give keys if a tenant asks? I guess this is part of your question. What I'm getting at is what's stopping the tenant from making copies? I wouldn't give keys to someone not on the lease.

AS the owner, only give keys to the people on the lease.  All adults need to be on the lease and re-key the property for each new tenant.

What a tenant does with the keys, I neither care nor know about. 

She was the only one issued a set of keys. She took it upon herself to make copies and give them to her "fiance". She never metioned anything to me. I never said anything....so when it was time for the lease renewal. That was a topic that was brought up. I told her she could have least contacted me and let me know what she was doing. Its the principle about the matter. 

That's why being a landlord that lives onsight. You have to take on all issues that may arise.

For one thing she pays her rent on TIME!

It is your house, but it is HER home. She can give the keys to HER home to whoever the hell she wants. Sounds like a power trip man.

I wouldn’t sweat it about the ‘fiancée’ having keys. It’s her home, she can do what she wants with it.

If he’s expected to be living there (in my lease, defines as 14+ days), I want to bet him as well - background check at minimum, maybe credit check, but probably wouldn’t bother.

As a fiancée who’s likely spending quite a bit of time there I’d probably want him at least referenced on the lease as a part-time guest. I’d want to do a background check. But hey, some people really do the not-living-together-before-marriage-thing, and hey, if he’s not living there... there’s not much I can or will do about it.

I agree with the majority, she can give keys to whoever she wants. She may want someone to water the plants, pick up her dry cleaning, Crash out between shifts, maid to clean up. Plenty of reasons to give someone a set of keys. One is a fiance, boyfriend or even one night stand. Now if you are owner occupied and living in the same unit (she rents a room). I may have a difference of opinion. But if she is paying to occupy a space 

That's true...the 14 + days was in the last lease. I suggested that she include him on the new lease he opted not to.

Thanks again everyone..the feedback was and is much appreciated. Now I have somewhat of clearer understanding of it all.