Any option besides using an attorney for a company to evict?

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I'm looking for creative options to evict, without incurring an $850 atty/court fee every time (and that's one of the cheapest!)

On properties I own I can file my own evictions, but ones I manage for an LLC, Alaska law requires I hire an attorney to file. This is mundane, routine work that most attorneys don't really want to do anyway. Any creative ideas to get a non-paying tenant to move out?

Deed them back to yourself for a week handle the eviction and then deed them back to your LLC. If you are doing them for yourself and not getting paid no one SHOULD be able to say you are practicing law by typing and filing a deed for yourself.

Cash for keys - pay the tenant to move out on their own by a certain date and leave the place empty and broom swept in exchange for some cash.

The management I do for a fee. The owner did talk about perhaps deeding it back to himself to do the FED, then back to the LLC. We wondered if this might complicate the insurance if there were a claim. Thanks for the thoughts!

Deeding to yourself for the sole purpose of circumventing the law is fraud.

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Plus, you have insurance issues, title insurance issues, etc. Not a good idea.

Who are you paying 850 to? I have used Kim Storh before and it was around 550 with all the fees. 

Edited. Just remembered not everyone lives in Anchorage...There is another guy who's name I cant think of but he is 450ish in Anchorage 

You are correct. It would require an attorney to represent in court in the case of a corporation owning the property. I haven't had any problems making a deal like "cash-for-keys" or similar.