airbnb cleaning help

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We have one short term rental and sometimes we end up cleaning it ourselves because its hard to get cleaners last minute.   

How do you handle scheduling the house cleanings when you dont know the check in and out schedule very fare in advance? 

We have multiple people willing to clean but they kinda want to know a week or two before.  

Thanks for your time!

a week or two is way too far out. I'd try:

1. Paying them more to get them there quicker

2. Look for someone who specializes in airbnb's and probably is only scheduled a few days out

It took us a very long time before we found a reliable and flexible cleaning crew for our Airbnb. We finally found them through a friend so ask friends, maybe even post inquires to other hosts in your area...

@Casey Walker

You could require x day minimum between rentals. I do 5 days.

This way you could give the cleaners a better heads up.

Using a larger service vs individual may work better as they can accommodate last minute typically as their schedules change a lot due to size and volume. I also own a maid company as well as vacation rentals.

It is not easy to find a suitable and reliable crew. But you can browse airbnb forum on the internet to ask whether someone can recommend a good one to you or how do they deal with the problem.

We had a long time cleaner who handled our turnovers until she moved. We then went through multiple cleaners who never really worked out. We now use a service called TurnoverBnB to find and schedule cleaners and so far it's working great for us. The key is to create a cleaning guide and checklist for the cleaner with pictures of how you want the unit to look. If you want to get even more professional, hire an inspector to come in after the cleaning to double check the cleaners.