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I have a new tenant w/ children who relocated in the area for a job promotion. From the day she moved in she's been complaining about the smallest things(its been 2weeks); one blind missing roller, missing lightbulb in chandelier, requesting a new fridge despite having a working one(i purchased a new one), AC is not cool enough and i just updated the duck and system is less than 4yrs old. Now she told me a "drug addict" was in her trash can 6am on the sidewalk. She did ask to if she can look for a another home but per her lease she would have to pay two months rent for breaking lease. First time with this issue, What do i do?!

Thank you!

Cross your fingers and hope she finds a place quickly. I'd tell her if she keeps the place in showable condition you will get it rented as quickly as possible you'll only charge her for any days you are empty.

Stop responding to her petty complaints. Tell her if she isn't happy that she can pay you the two months worth of rent for breaking the lease and to have a good day. 

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Stop responding to her petty complaints. Tell her if she isn't happy that she can pay you the two months worth of rent for breaking the lease and to have a good day. 

Agreed - 

Originally posted by @Derrick E. :

Stop responding to her petty complaints. Tell her if she isn't happy that she can pay you the two months worth of rent for breaking the lease and to have a good day. 

I agree with this as well. 

Lesson learned I think for you is to make sure that little items like light bulbs are all functioning before moving in a new tenant   It helps avoid the nitpicking  

That sounds like a headache! I would encourage her to move out.  I'd keep the deposit and depending on how far you want to take it, you can technically take her to court for breaking the lease, in which case, she would be in default unless there is an agreement in place.

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@Jill F. I collected 1 month rent and 1 i give back the security?

Was the one month rent in addition to the first month's rent? What did you tell the tenant it was for? 

In this case I'd want to get rid of her bad enough to refund it less my turnover costs. Which would include days of vacancy, and cleaning if she didn't leave it SPOTLESS. (You usually can't charge cleaning in Ohio but since you are offering to return funds to which you are legally entitled due to her breach you'd be okay.) For example:

If her rent is $1200/month then her daily rent is $40/day

She finds a new place and says she going to be out at the end of August. She pays August rent. Then you show the apartment in August find a tenant and set a move in date for Sept. 15. Then when the new tenant moves in you were not paid for 14 days. You are holding $2400 in security deposit funds. 40 * 14 = $560. your cleaner charged you $200. I'd return $2400-760= $1640. You aren't out any money that you would have received if she had successfully completed the lease, and she gets to move out early. I'd rather make this kind of deal than deal with a pita tenant for the full term of the lease or risk the pita doing something vengeful to my property.

@Jill F. Thank you so helpful!

The 1 month rent is for the first month $1,400

And $1,400 deposit. I dont believe she will trash the property because she has installed security systems and plan to do the backyard lawn over because "likes green" lol. Now, the complaints that are beyond me that bothers me.

For instance, first day she moved in. She claim neighbors were staring at her and later on that night she saw "someone selling drug across the steet lol. The property is in a B 4 blocks from the marina scene and beach lesst that 10mints away. Her taste of neighborhood is just too high. The propert was just renovated minus the fridge.

So you got one month's security deposit. I'd offer to let her out for turn over costs to break the lease if I really wanted to get rid of her. In any event if she wants to leave I'd let her go.

It sounds like you're ambivalent about wanting her to leave. Some people just try to see how far they can push. If you want to keep her then you better start seeing if you can get her to stop the whining. Next time she is unreasonable, reject her complaint. In the instance of the drug dealer complaint (unless it was going on at one of your rentals) say, "Look I don't control the neighborhood, if you see drug deals you need to call the cops not me."  On the staring at me... that seems really weird... like shes paranoid or something, I'd say, "I'm your landlord, why on earth are you calling me about this?"; let her know that that is not an appropriate question.

To be crass: Crazy doesn't show up on credit reports. 

How solid is your lease? If this is a SFH I put in the lease that i don't change light bulbs, clogged toilets etc. I also have them initial that they are renting a home and are responsible for lawn maintenance and basic upkeep associated with a home.

Push back on her requests and state you don't fix things that are not major repairs.  In the meantime work with her to move her out or simply give her the option to get out of the lease the next time she complains.  

People like her are never worth the trouble and you'll find yourself in court one day. 

Best of luck!

@Yvonne H. my lease is pretty solid and i understand i was provide all the lightbulbs in chandelier etc I've taking care of the minor stuff. Its the nonsense that may occured away from my property shes whining about. Mind you her prior residence in Virginia is a D neighborhood according to Trulia smh.

@Jean Joseph I feel your pain.  At this point I would send her a letter (offers in writing are taken more seriously) outlining how she can get out of the lease her. And respond to her further complaints like @Jill F. has said.  

In addition, if you have not already done so - get written consent for that security system if it is a hardwired system. Talk to the monitoring company and make sure you are included as an authorized person with all the codes.  I believe you can register with the monitoring company as the owner.  For me not getting my express written consent for hardwired systems is a is a breach of the lease.  

The fact that she wants to install an alarm and add the lawn indicates she wants this to be her HOME..... that can be good and bad. She wants the house to be customized to her..... which means she may stay a long time.....but when they want the home to fit them, then they start expecting you to make it fit them and pay the bill.

Offer to let her out of the lease and only be on the hook for the vacant period...... rest of deposit will be refunded if the house is left in "ready to show" condition. Otherwise the house is "as is" and will not be changed unless safety or habitability issues come up.

@Jean Joseph Whats the big deal on letting tenants go on BP? even with a long term lease i'd be more than happy to let them go if they were a trouble tenant, return their deposits and start fresh with a new tenant asap. I do only MTM terms for this reason. I guess if you have mortgages on these houses it becomes a pain to pay the payment but who cares pay it and move on to the next.

@Jean Joseph

OMG where do start

The unit came with a going Fridge

Why did you buy a new one


A bad light bulb

REALLY...tell her to fix it ...

DUUU ? her trash on the side walk


Tell her the police for trespassing...Good luck.with that

@Jean Joseph

Again , get a PM

Property Manager

If she seeing some selling drugs across the street

Duuuu why is she calling you and telling you about it in the first place

Aka change your

Hire a Pm

Give her the PM cell no

Do NOT get involved