Tenant making threats to me during eviction....

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I am fearful that my tenant is willing to act on his threats.

the threats are current and are happening because I’m evicting him

Tell him you have made local law enforcement aware of the threats.  Block their phone number.  Use written communications only.  Follow the legal eviction process.  It is a scary situation but this too will pass. 

Thanks for posting this! I'm in the middle of an eviction as well. My evictees have not threatened me but I think they're vary capable of it and I'm curious about how to handle that situation. May I ask what specific threats they made and why you think they might try it? 

Also on the subject of evictions (and since this is my first) I'm concerned about running into discrimination accusations. Are there any actions you're taking to avoid this? Do you have any advise on this issue?


@Marvin Meng

Direct threats via text n voicemail. Very scary stuff. I somehow feel more OKAY knowing I’m not the ONLY one that has had these fears and such.

Yes Marvin, I hope your situation stays OKAY and positive.

In eviction, there is no discrimination. They owe you money or they violated a lease!! So no worries there!

I would tell him to “ bring the pain “

Threats are just that , threats . If he was going to cripple or maim you ,he likely would have done it by now so chill out 

Evictions are never easy, but you want to make sure and handle them the right way.

It’s very important to document everything that happens, when/what time it happens, and where it happens/where you are when you receive a text or call. Some of this matters for the eviction and some is important to determine jurisdiction in a criminal matter.

If a tenant makes threats against your health and safety or continues to harass via phone or text, go to the police right away. It’s important not to let things escalate, and the police will either be able to diffuse the situation or resolve it. So don’t wait on this. Even if you don’t believe the tenant will follow through, you don’t want to risk a bad situation.

Also, check your state laws, but threats can have an impact on your eviction. In NH we can evict based on health and safety and it requires a shortened notification window. Additionally, the judge takes it into consideration if the tenants ask for a discretionary stay.

I don't know if I would antagonize them - I think going to the police is perfect. I recently sat next to a detective on a flight and he said in many violent crime cases he'd investigated the victim had egged on the assailant; "go ahead, try it..." that kind of stuff. When asked why they'd pulled the trigger (or whatever) the assailant would often tell the police "well, he told me to."

So please be careful but document like crazy and get police reports on everything. If the police go talk to them they will calm down unless they're crazy. Good luck!

And if you don't mind, please keep posting updates of your progress with this eviction. Thanks!

Originally posted by @Charlie Moore :

@Jacob Villalobos. Nah that’s the weak way out.

Interesting understanding of the word weak.

I’m sure whatever cash flow you get from this building ($300-400 monthly??) is not worth you life. 

People kill for stuff like this all the time. If they are smart and crazy enough they will make it look like an accident.  With a certain group of people this is a common way to deal with problems. 

You have no idea what someone is capable of. VM and texts with threatening language is far enough. 

No amount of yield is worth my life. You are putting yourself on the front lines with this. 

Good luck


@Jacob Villalobos

How many units do you own? And yes, I mean you are right. I can’t argued with that statement at all.

People are crazy...

But I don’t think them threatening me, then killing, I don’t think they could call that one an “ accident “ haha

@Marvin Meng

Yes! I definitely don’t believe in instigating anyone that’s already emotionally distraught! But I can’t just lose money when they are living for free?

Ya know?

Yes! Tough spot to be in

Originally posted by @Charlie Moore :

@Dennis M.

Dennis, do you have bum and crazy tenants as well? Haha

Yes some of each ! The way I see it is if the tenant kills me then atleast  there’s some benefits to it 

1:I’ll die doing what I love ( fixing up dumpy houses for ungrateful tenants) 

2: I won’t have to repair any more leaks again !

3:no more chasing after rent from idiots or paying ridiculous property taxes or water bills 


Generally speaking..it's the quiet ones you need to watch out for. They are the ones that skip the talk and go straight the business.

The loud ones usually don't want to actually do something and rather make a show of it in hopes that they win and get their way. Doesn't mean they won't cross over and do something if provoked enough... But as long as you don't engage and fuel that fire you should be fine.

if you're going to evict and the decision has been made not really anything left to say. I'd bring the cops or make friends with some bouncers at a bar and take them if you have to go over there. Maintain your position and keep focused but silent.

@Charlie Moore

Sorry you are going through this. I think it’s best to block the number and communicate in writing using your attorney.

Another thing I'd consider is that when purchasing rental units, purchase them under and LLC and use a PO Box. Also, don't tell the tenant that you are the owner, you're a property manager.

This too shall pass...

Originally posted by @Matt Honeyford :

@Charlie Moore

Sorry you are going through this. I think it’s best to block the number and communicate in writing using your attorney.

Another thing I'd consider is that when purchasing rental units, purchase them under and LLC and use a PO Box. Also, don't tell the tenant that you are the owner, you're a property manager.

This too shall pass...

It's not hard to find out the owner info of a LLC and then use that name to find owners location. If someone wanted they could do it rather quickly so long as they have a name.

If one was really concerned a property manager is going to be best. It'll redirect the anger from you the owner to the property manager...


@Charlie Moore

Sorry to hear you are going through this. Get a temporary restraining order this way if he has a job or common sense after being served he will stop and move out. Show him you mean business and his barking won’t stop eviction.

Best of luck

@Charlie Moore

Well, at least this is a major box checked in the experience column. Have you spoken to the police? If you do, Matt K. had a good idea about the bouncer. Taking a play from Landlording on Autopilot, ask any police you talk to if they know any officers who do security on the side. For anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 (maybe less) they'll go "talk" to your soon-to-be ex tenants. 

How far along are you in the eviction? I'm in Illinois and I think our process is pretty close to CA. I'll say this: Stick to your guns. You're getting a heck of a painful education but you'll have so much more confidence as an investor going forward (having made it through this). Again, good luck!