Extra Monthly Charge For Window A/C

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When the Landlord pays for electricity and the tenant wants to install a window A/C, I see Landlords charge an additional fee for the A/C since it uses additional electricity.  Looking for feedback on what the typical fee is for the a/c unit if Landlord supplies and the electrical up-charge.  I see fees ranging from $20/month for the unit to $50 plus the electrical charge or it’s all rolled into one fee.

You may want to look into implementing a RUBS system.  Then the tenants pay for what they use and you don't have to constantly monitor the outside of the building.

First you should never ever pay for tenants utilities. Get separate meters or don't buy this type property. It is an extra headache you don't need.

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Thanks everyone for responding.  Clearly I did not provide enough detail.  I had inherited tenants on a 4 unit purchase.  All with existing leases.  I was looking for options to cover utilities in the meantime.  I agree with all of your comments, the tenants should pay these. This is my only building set up this way.

I've got to add one more thought here.  Generically saying 'never pay utilities' is too simplistic.

Some times a building is a good investment even if it is impossible to sub-meter.  For example, most apartments, the water is paid by the property.  One solution is RUBS.

On the other hand, in some C class properties, the tenants may not have enough cash or credit to get the utilities in their own name.  Some pay a premium for All Bills Paid properties where the landlord pays all utilities.