Minor roaches and flies

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This may be a loaded question, but I need to get some guidance. I have a tenant that has notified us of flies and roaches in the house. We sent out an exterminator and sealed areas that are open. She now is sending pictures of cockroaches in the house... maybe a few but not what I consider an infestation and normal in the south Texas area. She is stating that seeing any roaches or flies is impacting her safety and health as an ordinary tenant. She also constantly emails and calls almost every day... we have responded and done everything to help, but nothing is satisfying this tenant. It feels that she is now going down the route of getting a lawyer. My question is... with all that we’ve done, do we need to do more, knowing that she will call us every time she sees one Fly or roach or let her know, “per the lease, pest control is the responsibility of the tenant”. I dont want to get in a legal battle but I have spent More money on this one tenant than any of the other stuff ones combined. Also, none of the the previous tenant sent ever complained about pests.

To date we have sent out an exterminator to spray the exterior and interior. We have cleaned the lawn of any leaves and folliage, we have sealed and entry points also.  She doesn’t want to spray the inside heavily because she has a young infant... she’s in this house for another 8 months and within the past four months we have received many many many repair requests and rude emails.  Any advise... probing questions are appreciated!


Does your exterminator have a guarantee that if more bugs are seen they will come back out for free?

My lease says that I will treat for any bugs during the 1st 30 days, as I can't control how clean they keep the house or if they leave food out to attract bugs.

Sounds like you have something similar, maybe you should point this out to her.

Sounds like you have gone above and beyond. I would not renew the lease with this tenant.

If you don't want her as a tenant anymore (I wouldn't), then give her the option to break the lease without any ramifications.  I'd also point out all the steps taken to remedy the problem, even though pest control is her responsibility.  And there really isn't any more that can be done.  That this doesn't seem like the right house for her and you all can mutually agree to go your separate ways.

One of my tenants of two years, occasionally complains about flies.  But just flies.  What am I even supposed to do about that (shrug).  Flies fly and can come from anywhere.  Seems like it is something they're doing in the house that is attracting the problem.  Plus it's a duplex and the other tenant doesn't have fly issues.  With that said, if you Google it, there are some good and cheap home remedies to discourage flies.  I'd pass that info along to her.