Better to call or leave a letter for tenants?

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Hi everyone. I live in a duplex and rent the other house to tenants. I recently have let them adopt a dog who they keep outside constantly which is against the lease. Normally I’d be fine with that but he’s barking nonstop which is also against the lease. Tomorrow I’m going to be doing something about it. I just wanted to know is it better to call them and let them know and give them a warning or should I leave a letter on their door giving them their warning?

To whoever replies thank you very much in advance!

Since you live in a duplex and rent to the tenant, surely they know you are the owner and as such you should already be on speaking terms. Assuming you don't think they are psychos, I would speaking to them in person about it. Far more personal and less confrontational. If not in person I would go to telephone next. 

I agree w/ @JD Martin . Talk to them in person. I wouldn't be confrontational about it. A lot of times people who get dogs don't realize how much work they can be if they've never had one before. That's why you always see them tied up outside 90% of the time. The dog is too much to handle when it's inside and the owners don't want to put in the time to walk the dog to get some of it's energy out. 

In agreement with @Chris Szepessy and @JD Martin , I also want to mention that you want to continuously practice good landlord principles. Ideally, you want long term, considerate, and clean tenants, maybe not with these particular people, but in general. Talking to them in person establishes trust and respect and that's something you should continue with all tenants.

@Lue Brooks

Talk to them in person. Then either email or write up something to document the conversation. You must document in writing any lease violations.