Monthly Landlord - Rental Property Inspection

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@Jasper Sawyer

I just use my initial Move In checklist that I did with tenant. It documents all previous damage/imperfections. I fix things as they need it. If it costs money, the tenant needs to pay that out of pocket at the time. Nothing comes out of damage deposit while tenant is living there.

Now, why did the title of your post state “Monthly”. Surely you don’t plan on doing monthly inspections. That would be quite intrusive of your tenants. I perform Maintenance Inspections every 6 months.

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I just send them an email, saying what I am going to do for maintenance, and what I am going to inspect.  Once I get done, I send almost the same email back to them, saying what I did and what I found.   "I visited the house on July 32.  I looked under the sinks for water leaks and that was OK.  I changed the vent hood filter for a new one... (etc)."

If there is some issue I notice while I'm there, I'll talk to them about it, and then send them an email as a followup ("Please have the leaves out front raked up by April 43rd").  When I see that whatever it is has been taken care of, I'll send another email ("I drove by on April 38th, and the leaves have been raked up.  Thank you.")