Airbnb Cleaning in Minneapolis

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I have an Airbnb with a couple units and am looking for someone to come in for quick cleanings and turnover between guests. The cleaning is very minimal (changing sheets and towels, wiping down surfaces, quick sweep of the floor, take out trash) and usually takes less than and hour to complete. The house is in East Bloomington, so ideally the cleaner would already be in that area and can stop in quickly between jobs.

Does anyone work with any cleaners that are reasonably priced in the area? I've been having a hard time finding someone that doesn't charge minimum fees for these types of small Airbnb turnover cleaning jobs. Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by @Andy Diaz:

Hi Patrick,  if you don't mind me asking, what's your occupancy per month in average? I assume most of your guests are MoA visitors right?

This is our first Airbnb in the Minneapolis area, but in our other units we average 5-6 reservations/month with about 30% vacancy. So far the guests have been mostly guests from out of town (most visiting family) with a low percentage coming specifically for the Mall of America.

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