Kansas Emotional Animal Law?!!

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I have 5 rentals. I have a College rental and specifically state no pets everywhere in the lease. Day 1 of move in the tenant says they have an Emotional Support Dog with a doctors note. In KANSAS am I required to take this type of landlord abuse?

@Jonathan Wildy

FHA in this context is the Fair Housing Act. It is a law, not a department of government. I think you must have emailed the Federal Housing Administration, which is also referred to as the FHA.

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I use to teach a fair housing class, so it usually annoys me when people confuse the ADA with the FHA. But with over 10,000 posts, I post on nearly every subject on BP.

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@Russell Brazil then who’s actual law is it to enforce?

 And civil fines will typically come Housing and Urban Development.

@Jonathan Wildy , did you ask about animals on the application, and do you have wording about penalties for lying on the application? If so you might be able to cancel their lease. Otherwise you might not be able to do anything about it unless their animal causes actual damage.