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Hi gang-currently under contract for a duplex in Columbus, OH, and looking for any feedback on the following property management companies as the reviews online seem to be lacking from an investor standpoint:

1.) Venture Property Group 

2.) ERA Real Estate 

3.) Real Estate Opportunity 

Any input would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance! 

@Daniel Rivera I think S4RE, RL Property Management, and Panzera are the best property management companies in town. If you are investing in low C to D neighborhoods, I would suggest Heart and Home. I do property management but I primarily stick with my own investors or places close to my home.

@Daniel Rivera

How has your experience been so far with Venture Property management company.

Do they also do renovations or only PM.

Any contact that you can share .


Kunal M.

Originally posted by @Mark Shuter :

Hi All, after being several months in how has your property manager been working out for you?  I'm currently looking for one in the Columbus area.  Thanks!!

 I would recommend @Mitch Deminski and @Donny Thompson in Columbus, Ohio. Mitch is pickier than Donny. I like using different companies for different assets and locations.