Lawyer needed regarding plumbing issue...........................

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Water and sewer are 2 different systems with different connections.

What exactly is wrong?

Give your neighbor the contractors number so he knows who to sue (not you).

First contact the plumbers and see if they are willing to come fix what ever is wrong.

Once you get attorneys involved only the attorneys win.

No need to jump in with an attorney and spends funds this early on. As John said, sewer and water are two different things and contact the plumber to see if they will fix it. If there is already damage, and you believe it was the plumber fault, ask the plumber for his insurance carrier and start with them. If the damage came from your residence and damaged theirs, just call your insurance carrier. They will handle everything.

Originally posted by @Kirk Pak :

Plumbers didn’t hook something up right to city water when they replaced my rental’s sewer pipe. Now neighbor may sue. Need good representation. 

 Need more info on the situation.

You could get the city involved as they may stop any work/permits they may have planned. Our town guy did when the electrical contractor ran the wrong (150ft) of u/ground conduit, so he had to dig it all up & redo it before he could work in the town again, He fixed it fast so the utility could run the electrical cable.