Short Term Rental Management Companies in Columbia, SC?

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Is anyone in the midlands of South Carolina aware of a PM that specializes in AirBnB? Looking to find recommendations on companies that only do STRs. I know these exist in larger markets but not sure if there is one in the Columbia area yet.

@Emir Dukic that's a good question. 

My hope is to find a STR PM and/or long term operator that has the knowledge and local infrastructure in place to run it. As best as I can tell, STRs are a fairly unique niche and I'd rather have find someone who knows how to run that business.

Several friends had luck finding home maintenace/watch companies. In fact, they struggled to find many PM's who were interested. Their STR's were in markets that have high snow birds, which those home watch companies focus on.

Good luck!

@Will Gaston  @Levi Lane

Our company Heartwood Furnished Homes specializes in short term management company operating exclusively in Columbia & Midlands region.  As of today, we have 20 properties under management with over 500 guest stays, and an average rating of 4.97.   The large PM companies such as Evolve & Vacasa (operating remotely) are going to average 3.5 - 4.2 rating, and your revenue & profits will follow your reviews in short term rentals. 

Please give us a call if you are interested, and we can share more about our services and provide some free market data & insights.