Should I buy an invest property in Philadelphia pa

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Should I buy a4 unit locate at 2300 n park ave .? 6 min walk away from temple university? I’m curious because that market is scattered

Would need a lot more information to give you a good answer.  Whats it going for?  What can it rent out for ?  What condition is it in?   Is it legally zoned etc

@Ricardo L Knight

what are the comps saying, rentakls are getting tight in Templre. have you reached out to hapco to see what landlord services can be provided?

regards joe scorese

@Ricardo L Knight I agree with @Joseph Scorese I manage units in the area and the rental market is not as good as it use to be. It's getting a lot tougher to get good rental income (IMO). You'll have to figure out your all in cost (purchase price, rehab cost, management fees, etc) against the projected income. At the end of the day it's all about the numbers.

@Ricardo L Knight - they are all correct. Due your do diligence before investing a great way to find out the rents around the area is its pretty accurate. our rentals go by what the site says, maybe a 25 dollar difference. Rentometer says 950 we rent for 925 ;)