Tenant screening services

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@Frank Peraza I would recommend checking out the landlord resources tab. This will give you a good look at what certain companies can offer you for searches that they can provide, as well as explain the importance of tenant screening. I would also recommend having set screening criteria for what you are looking for in a potential tenant.  That will make the process much easier for you.

@Frank Peraza I use Tellus for my rental property and also processed screening on their platform before I chose my tenants. They partnered with Naborly and offer free screening service. Their reports are detailed and comprehensive including credit score, rental history, criminal record, income verification, etc. Try it out! 

Hello @Frank Peraza .  My husband and I recently started to use Burbz for our background screening reports. 

We've liked it so far.  We used to have applicants pay us directly a fee so we could run the reports, however with Burbz the tenants pay directly.  Makes my life easier!