Can you break a lease if you bought a house?

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Looks like this has been stated above but worth mentioning that you should definitely make sure you understand the lease agreement. Your purchase of a property is none of the landlord's business; what is his business is whether or not you'll be able to honor the terms of that lease. Again, definitely look at the lease and be sure to communicate with your landlord about your plans and go from there. It is exciting though! I'm in a very similar process of looking into property acquisition right now but plan to wait until closer towards the end of my lease term with my landlord. @Alex Ramirez

@Alex Ramirez . You can’t legally break a lease because you are buying a house. If you do the landlord can come after you legally for the money owed. But I would ask the landlord if you can have a month to month lease when it is time to renew the lease.