Property Manager incorrect move out date

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So I recently cancelled my contract with a property management company and tenant, and when I tried to cancel the lease with the tenant and the contract with them. I assumed the contract would be up in July and they told me I had to cancel the contract for August. Now I find out the tenant moved out in July  and they state that is when the contract was up. is there any recourse or am I missing something?

@Dallas Savage, a few thoughts.

You can't cancel a lease with a tenant.  If they breach their lease agreements you can evict them.  You can also do an amendment to adjust the move-out date earlier.  But you can't simply cancel or null a lease.  Even with a sale of property.

One of the unfair facts about hiring a PM firm are termination terms.  PM can provide a 30-day notice.  Landlords must provide a 60-day notice.  I'm assuming August is part of that 60 days. Even for agreement renewals, there is a 30 day window you must inform them you will not renew or else it re-up's for another 12 months.  Pretty unfair.

Alright, course of correction!  Read your agreement terms and determine if they earn a monthly fee for Rent Collect or Rent Expected.  If it's Expected, then you shouldn't owe them anything if the unit is vacant.  If it's Collected, good luck because they sound like a bad firm.

You obviously want another tenant in the unit, make sure to inform them in writing that you do not want them to lease the property.  That opens up a new can of worms.  A lot of contracts state if they place a tenant then you owe them 100% of their fees due, regardless if you terminate the contract.  Yet again, pretty unfair.  Don't let them list, show or even accept applications.  Make this black-and-white in an email. State why too: you're not going to use their management moving forward.

Best of luck.