Renters application software recommendation

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Hi @Roy Covert .

There are several options available for landlords.  The majority of software companies will offer tools for rent collection, leasing/screening and maintenance requests.  There are other sites who only offer screening reports, my suggestion would be using a site that offers more features/tool.  This will help ease your tenants into their new rental with paying rent and communicating all through one platform with you.

Not every software site is free.  There are several that costs a monthly membership fee or per-unit.  Unless you are going to fully utilize all the features, I would advise finding one of the free sites.

Unfortunately Burbz at this point does not have the tenant application live, it's in production currently.  However if you have specific needs or questions I would be more than happy to help you with a recommendation.

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Hi Roy! @Roy Covert - There are lot of great resources out there. I might note that some software options do offer applications that provide thorough tenant screening; these comprehensive background checks include the basic application information (job history, rental history, and requires that the applicant provides some supporting documentation, ie. valid form of government ID, most recent paystubs, and contact information for prior landlords etc) - but in addition to the basic information, it includes the information pulled from TransUnion (one of the three major credit bureaus). This can include credit score, nationwide criminal background check, sex-offender list check, international criminal check, and eviction history (so any public records or information that might be connected to legal court proceedings would be pulled back as well). You have the ability to auto-request applications (keeps everything easy and in one place - so listing, tenant screening applications, leases and other tools like rent collection and maintenance tracking are all available, just to keep the process seamless). Let me know if you have any questions. Would be more than happy to help!

I use cozy for applications. I also call the circuit court to check on tenants that may already be in a property I'm looking to buy to see if they have a DW (detainer warrant) which is what they call an eviction at the courthouse in my market. The only problem is in this situation you're not going to get the tenants names until you're close to closing on the property and then it's too late. Likely an eviction. 

@Roy Covert Tellus app does free screenings. And they’re comprehensive. I think they partner with Naborly to offer it. I’d check them out, having a free application and screening process means you’ll have a better shot at getting the best tenant possible.