Eviction Question: No Contact, Unseen Notice to Quit

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So... we purchased a triplex and inherited one tenant on MTM lease in PA. From the time of closing, we've never seen the tenant. Our property manager talked to him once and told him he'd need to get him on a new lease. Since then, the tenants phone number has been disconnected, he's never answered his door, or notes attached to the door.

Finally, we posted a ten-day notice to quit on his door. The notice remained there, untouched, for twelve days. 

Our PM went in and there's a lot of stuff left behind... as if someone is living there. Granted, there's nothing in the fridge.

We've read competing arguments about similar situations. 

Do we go through with an official eviction or bag the dudes stuff and store it in case he comes knocking and get along with turning the apartment over?

You should be able to treat this as abandoned, but consult with your local Magistrate to confirm what you are allowed to do.

Thanks, folks. Magistrate ended up saying we should go through the process to be safe. Since there is significant amount of personal items in the apartment, he could have legit legal recourse.

We're looking at $150 and probably 3 weeks, so better safe.

Time for our first eviction! I hear you never forget your first.

On foreclosure auction purchases of unknown occupancy, I apply tamper evident tape on the door: https://www.mcmaster.com/2073t12 . If someone goes in or out, it'll be clear because they can't reapply the tape and "OPENED" will be stuck on the door. Check back after the statutorily required period defining abandonment to determine occupancy.

Or since its only $150 to bring an eviction action by you, I'd just go that route ($150 won't even get the summons issued around here).