end of year lease. One staying, one leaving and one new tenant

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I currently have 3 people on a year lease that is ending soon. The 2 original tenants have lived there for several years. Near the end of the first lease a 3rd tenant moved in. I did a background and credit check and when it came back good I added them to the lease thru an "additional tenant addendum". 2 of the tenants are moving out to buy a house together but the other one wants to stay. She found someone that wants to move in and sign a lease with her. 

What is the best way to deal with this situation? 

Should I just add the new tenant to the new lease through an addendum? I don't necessarily want to end the original lease and deal with the deposit since the tenant will still have all their stuff in there and I won't be able to see any major problems if there is a strategically placed piece of furniture.

Always have any new tenant go through your typical screening process.  You can use an addendum to remove two of the tenants and add another one.  Any updates to the lease that you would like to make can be made through the addendum as well.