How much time to fire a PM?

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We are needing to fire our Property Manager (PM) ASAP.

We have had them for many years, and don't have any official contract with them, or at least a written one that I know of.  Is there any fast rules on how much notice we need to give them?  

Would it be 30 days? OR shorter?

Also, we don't have our new PM nailed down yet either.  I assume it would be wise to get that set up before firing the old one right?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

@Doug Peters

. Unless there is malfeasance , I would not fire a PM without someone ready to replace them.
. Ask them for a copy of any agreement they have on record first.
. Make sure deposits are transferred to you.
. If it'd "for cause" no notice may be needed.

What brought this on ?

@Brian Van Pelt   Thanks for your info.

No, not really any wrongdoing.  Mainly lack of communication.  but yes, we are looking for a replacement first.   We don't have a contract that I know of.

Should have fired him months or years ago.  :(

@Doug Peters

I'm a property manager in Maryland:
My policy is:
. Emergency calls returned same day
. Non-Emergency calls returned within 24 hours.
. Projects updates are conducted via e-mail (repairs,account information, etc)
. I also reserve the right to charge for phone calls in 15 minute increments (to encourage brief effective communication and to discourage repetitive conversations)