Do you board up the windows on your rental properties

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@Adam Skay   well then board them up!  We don't have a lot of hurricanes like FL but when Cat 4 was predicted for our area we nailed up plywood.  I think in FL you would have more situations where you are in the zone and then not. If you have 16 doors that is a heck of a house! (but I think you meant doors and windows).  I know my  neighbor updated her house and as part of the approval for no hurricane windows they had to have  pre-labeled plywood for the windows. 

@Adam Skay I see,  and this is the first time you are dealing with it or you just wondering if you should keep it up?  None of them have hurricane shutters or windows?    I wish some Florida people would jump in. I can tell you Some people up  here don't board all windows they only do the big ones or ocean facing.  We have only had  a couple houses at risk.  your title doesn't include in a hurricane, you might get more input if you put florida and hurricane in the title.

There is also a Florida forum but not super active. If people are following it they may respond

I don't typically board up anything I own. Not sure what the property managers are doing here or recommending but I don't see many houses that are boarded up around Ocala. Being inland and central, we don't usually get the worst of the hurricanes, which is one of the reasons I like it for rentals.