Seeking Property Manager in Columbus, OH

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Hello BP,

I have one property in the Columbus, Ohio area near the university and am looking to expand. To make operations a little smoother, I am looking for someone who can perform potential tenant showings. I'm not sure this service alone is something to be offered, but I would also be interested in any property management opportunities.

Thank you!

@Austin Freeman hows is going I dont know any properties managers right now the people I knew have gotten out of the business and came back to being realtors but I can help you if your looking for new properties though have a good holiday

@Austin Freeman  I would suggest giving 1st Place Realty a call. I believe they will do the showings for you and charge you a percentage of the first month's rent. Most PM companies will not rent your property without signing a contract that allows them to do the management. I offer property management services for my investors.

@Austin Freeman try a quick google search and see what turns up. There are companies that specialist in full and al la cart services similar to what you’re talking about. It’s called “tenant finder” when a company will help you find a quality tenant, but possibly not manage the property once the tenant moves in.

There are also companies that have experience in the specific markets in town. As you’d guess, each market has its nuances ESPECIALLY the campus area.

Feel free to DM me if you have questions on specifics.

Good luck man.