Question?? What are ways to pay rent?

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@Tamirrah Cox Anything is better than going door to door. As for online/electronic options, Cozy is a popular online one because it’s designed for rent collection. It’s also free and automated, so once you set it up initially you don’t have to mess with it again. But it does take a few days for the payment to process and get deposited into your account. 

Other options are Zelle or Venmo. They’re not designed for rent collection, but many people use them for that. They’re also free and they transfer the money much quicker than Cozy. However, they do have their downsides too, namely the transfer limits which you might hit as you scale up and get multiple properties. 

There are other options out there too. Just Google or search here on BP and I’m sure you’ll find them. 

Hi Tamirrah! As some others have noted, there are other options out there (*a lot of people user Zelle or Venmo) but they’re not designed for rent collection. There is an option out there which allows you to collect rent much quicker than Cozy, but still provides other rental management tools you might find valuable, and you can easily keep track of who paid what and on which date. Again, you may run into transfer limits with some of those other apps which aren't necessarily designed for the purpose of rent collection. @Tamirrah Cox