Landlord connecting with housing authority to get new tenants

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Has anyone linked up with their local housing authority, in order to work with them and fill your units with sec 8 tenants?

Hi Matthew. If your Housing Authority has a new landlord orientation, it would be good for you attend.  They don’t actually “fill your units”.  They should have a form you can submit to add your property onto the list they make available to voucher holders.  I find that list to be not so helpful, because by the time they get it updated, most of the units on it have been rented. and regular old Zillow/Trulia are better places to advertising.  Just say SEC 8 OK in your title if you want to attract SEC 8 tenants.  

If you were to walk into my local housing authority and announce out loud that you are a landlord, you will be flooded with applications before you even walk out the door