Property managers picking the right one

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first of all I do not own, parents house. They moved and I am helping them take they're first steps in owning a rental. I myself am close to doing the same that's another subject. 

Long story short I need a property management. Cleaning, lawn work painting are done. Now we need to get this place occupied. We dont want to get into background checks, interviews ect. 

What are your criteria?

How do you find them?

So we can set them up for good tenants 

@Paul Gallardo start by checking out NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) you can search by state/city to find someone near the property. All the best!

@Paul Gallardo , PM's are all great sales people.  Read their Management Agreements and have them pinpoint each and every way they earn a fee.

Any PM unwilling to do so, don't consider them.  The contract is the most important component as well as understanding, if all goes wrong then that is what you have for protection.

Fees to ask: monthly, late fees split, maintenance mark-ups, will they share vendors invoices, tenant placement, notices for late or evictions, evictions, court appearances.