Commercial property eviction on tenant without signed lease

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Good day guys. I am facing an issue I might have brought on myself. I have a doctor tenant that is renting out a commercial building. The initial agreement was basic for any general use of the property. Since this was a doctor, his lawyer wanted to make modifications that provide protection for him as a medical provider and per HIPAA guidelines. I was cool with that but what was a month for them to modify & sign the lease agreement turned in to nothing signed. That was back in April 2019. Fastforward now to September 2019 no signed lease. He did create a paper receipt stating month-to-month until a final lease is signed. Paper copy did not outline any tenant or landlord rights. Just his name and my name, amount of rent, and date. Since then he have made changes to my building without my permission. I contacted my attorney for guidance. We submitted a 30 days notice to evict. My question since this is commercial property do the landlord law still applicable? Since there is no lease, can I shut off the water utility? Due to HIPAA I cannot gain possession of my own property with legal action. Being a newbie I did not know this. If I wanted to go in my own building, my rights to possession is limited.