Buying flooring (tile) in Las Vegas

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Hello again BP!

My wife and I are remodeling a home here in Las Vegas and we're going to be changing out the carpet flooring for some wood-look tile. I'm surprised to see that there are TONS of flooring stores available and rather than have to sift through a thousand listings, I thought I'd ask the BP community of Las Vegas where you all are buying your flooring and why you chose there over the others. I'm looking for something that is attractive, durable (future rental property) and not going to break the budget. I appreciate your recommendations. 

hey Brad, im currently looking for flooring for two properties in vegas too! 

i bought tile from floor & decor before for two renovations, got a fair deal there, depends on how set you are on the design i guess - i have decided to replace the carpet in both of the new projects with luxury vinyl instead, i think it looks almost the same but is a bit more 'every day life friendly' today. waterproof, no tiles that crack when you drop a pot or other heavy object, no grout lines that change color, easy to clean, lifetime warranty, floating installation etc. 

I have not decided yet as to where to buy, so looking for the plug here too, but im leaning to buying at lumber liquidators. 

happy remodelling! 🤙🏼

What's the lowest price you've seen?

Not in vegas, but i bought my wood look tile from Lowes. and i used several 20% off coupons for all supplies, dividing them into several $100 purchases. You can buy coupons on ebay, bringing it down to 63c a foot. Used black grout, no worries about stains.

of all the tile supply stores in the LA area, I couldn't find a better deal after discount.

at 63c, of course it doesn't come close in quality to more expensive wood look tile, but it's durable and good looking enough for a rental.

I plan to rip out this tile years into the future, but for now, it's way better than the carpet it replaced.

I was deciding between tile and LVP, and decided to go with tile for common areas, as I don't think LVP will hold up as well in the long run, and the lifetime warranties are a joke, if you read the terms.

Floor and decor by far. Just don’t use their installation service. It’s very expensive. I buy tile all day for $1.50/sf on the high end $1/sf is common. Low end is 40-50 cents. 

Thanks guys! I’ve been checking out a lot of places online over the past few days and floor & decor looks to have the most options for the best price. I’d like to stay under $2/sf and they’ve got quite a bit to choose from in that range. I’ve got an uncle doing the installation so no worries there. Hadn’t given much thought to the grout yet but it definitely won’t be white. Thanks for the advice!