Can you Evict Someone Who is not on a Lease?

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So... Can you? Or do you have to go through the same eviction process as normal. Anyway to loophole the system or make it go faster if they are not on a lease?

In California, you have to add "and all in possession" wording to all eviction paperwork to cover those who is not on the lease document but who can claim tenant rights by the length of their stay.

Absolutely.  I say a person on lease or even John Doe and all occupants on the eviction.

If they don't have the utilities on, I call code enforcement and they will set everyone on curb in 24 hours. This is because house is uninhabitable without utilities turned on.

@James Gleeson Consult a local attorney for the proper process and wording that should be used in your area, but here in Connecticut we just add "jane doe" and/or "john doe" for occupants we know are living there, but we dont know their names.