Rental Application ID issue

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so I'll start off by saying that I just bought a duplex and am living in one half and renting out the other in the Syracuse, NY area. 

I'm currently screening applicants and just had someone fill out an application in person but was going to email proof of income and a copy of their ID. When the applicant sent their ID they explained they only had a temporary ID but could also send a county issued photo ID card, which I accepted. However, when I received the copy of the temporary ID card, it was clearly marked NON-DRIVER. This is a problem because she drove to the showing by herself. 

I already have an idea about this but I'd like to get some more feedback - is this an automatic no? And if so is it legal to deny an application based on this alone. 

Thanks in advance.


Originally posted by @Russell Brazil :

Are you renting her a house or a car?

My concern would be, this person is eventually going to get caught if she's driving without a license.. which could easily lead to her not being able to pay rent.

@Timothy Hanrahan I'd not consider her at all just too cavalier for me. 

A while back I was interviewing some folks for a job. One of them handed me her driver's license. I said "this picture does not really look like you". "Oh that's my cousins ID; but it is OK. She said I was allowed to use it". No, she did not get the job.

Can you deny housing to someone for not having a drivers license? No. See where she works perhaps and see how far it is. I know people who've been driving without a license for 15+ years. Getting pulled over and ticketed isn't going to stop them. Even an aggravated unlicensed operation of a MV is a catch and release charge.