Seal coating asphalt question - is big box stuff any good?

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Is there a big difference between the seal coating you purchase from big box stores compared to what asphalt companies use?

I notice Lowes and Home Depot carry several different grades of seal coating, similar to paint. The more expensive ones claim longer life span. I have had my handymen put down seal coating on a few occasions and I have hired asphalt companies many times. I save a little money having my guys do it but was wondering if we are using an inferior product? 

Whether you are paying a handyman or asphalt company make sure you are using oil based sealer and not water based.  Water based sealers are far inferior to oil based as far as lifespan and penetration.

I am two years in after putting down the 10 year stuff and it still looks great. No telling how the next 8 years will be. Used rollers and brushes, not the spray stuff.  My neighbor got his sprayed within weeks of mine. His is starting to age.  I don't know what lifespan stuff he used though.  I used to have a guy do it for me and I had to redo it every 2-3 years. I believe he used the cheaper stuff. My personal opinion is to get the good stuff, and roll/brush it. Don't spray. The 10 year stuff is easily the best value if it lasts as long as the package says, and that's not including the time/effort/supplies cost of doing it every 2,3, or 5 years.