Software to manage tenant appointments for showing

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Hi Guys,

My rental unit is getting vacant this week. I have so many requests from Zillow and i am trying to work on schedules with prospective tenants so that I can show them on a predetermined time. Most of the tenants have just phone numbers and no emails. Is there any free software you guys use to manage prospective tenants visits, appointments which can sync to my outlook or gmail calendar please?


Hi @Buyan Thyagarajan , two thoughts:

  • Bulk Showing:  I would make life easier on yourself and set 2-3 'open house' showings.  Then put it on the tenant to choose which is the best time for them.  Plus it never hurts to have competition looking at the house simultaneously. 
  • IFTT: If-this-then-that is a phone app that allows you to connect different apps.  Perhaps you can connect your email and calendar so it sends an invite to that respective tenant.
  • Zapier:  Same idea as IFTT but for computers.