Tenant wants roommate. Do they both go on lease?

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I have a perspective tenant that wants a roommate. Do they both go on the lease? or is just one person on it and assumes the legal responsibilities? How do I go about doing this?

In my houses, everyone over the age of 18 goes on the lease. I would especially do this if they are unrelated and will be sharing expenses. You'll want to conduct your due diligence on the roommate before letting him into your property anyways. 

@GeorgeMurphy I am with @BenSears In my houses, everyone over the age of 18 goes on the lease. No exceptions and everyone over 18 has to fill out an application and pass the background check.  It's too easy to do and if everyone is treated the same I dont have any potential discriminatory issues to worry about either

@George Murphy Everyone over 18 goes on the lease and has to do an application.

Also, be cautious with roommates. If either one moves out can the other afford the rent payment by themselves?

Make sure they are both on the lease.  Or this could come back to bite you later.  When one doesn't get along with the other is when problems arise.

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