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We have new tenants, boyfriend/girlfriend that will be renting our apt starting December 1. They have the lease agreement and the boyfriend is in the Army in the Middle East right now with no access to email or scanner to sign the lease. The girlfriend wants to know if she can sign for him? Would it be best to leave it blank until he comes back from deployment?

@Kyle Brown , I'd ask for a limited power of attorney and have the girlfriend sign.  Of fax to him, or text to him.  

When is he expected back?  Does the girlfriend earn enough to qualify by herself for the rent?  Was the deployed boyfriend screened by you?  Any backup documentation?

All the above does not in any way affect or reflect my respect and gratitude for our armed service people on deployment.  But if you don't have all the details, well, ya just don't know, do ya?

I believe there is a specific military power of attorney that is recognized by all state. She should have one on file to sign on his behalf.

I'm thinking along a similar line of thought as Marc. When does the boyfriend get back? The last thing you want is for things to fall through during the heart of the winter (albeit, certain locations don't have to be as concerned during the winter months --here in Chicago, it can drop to -negative temps so vacant December rentals/new leases + move-ins are probably more of a concern than say in places like Miami or LA). But you also don't want to rush to make a decision that might not be in your best interest as well. It is tricky because they aren't married. I'd get more info from her as for when they anticipate deployment completion.

Originally posted by @Kyle Brown :

@Mike S. She doesn't get POA until they are married.

Strange, I remember some deployed military members who had military POAs to family members and friends. Some were limited POA for certain specific functions.


Rob from Chicago makes a great point, you don't know if they're married or what their domestic situation looks like. Someone on base should be able to make a Power of Attorney happen here so that you can bind the both of them with one signature. Otherwise, things will get dicey if something goes wrong. I think the chief concern here is making sure you have two tenants to go after if the rent remains unpaid, and the only thing I know that accomplishes that is a POA.

There are all sorts of online document signing websites. Docusign, HelloSign, CTMe. Send it to him to sign online.

However, I agree with all the other people commenting on them not being married and he's out of town. I'd look for a different tenant.

Originally posted by @Mindy Jensen :

There are all sorts of online document signing websites. Docusign, HelloSign, CTMe. Send it to him to sign online.

I am still amazed by the number of people believing that these website signatures are worth anything. You have absolutely no proof who is signing on the other end. You can send me a docusign and I can sign Donald Trump if I want. Does it make it enforceable: NO.

Unless you use some authentication in the chain of signature where it can be traced to a certificate that has been verified as owned by the person in question, these websites are useless.


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