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Hey everyone,
I have several newly rehabbed SFH in the Flint area that I am looking to find a property manager to run. The last few years I have been dealing with them on my own from out of state but it's just getting to difficult and time consuming to do as my team there has kind of fallen apart. I'm considering selling them in the near future so I can focus on opportunities closer to home, but for now just need a PM team I can trust.

What great PM companies are you using in this area?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 

Remember: cheaper doesn't mean you'll make more money.

You can start by going to to search their directory of managers. These are professionals with additional training and a stricter code of ethics. It's no guarantee but it's a good place to start. Regardless of how you find them, try to interview at least three managers

1. Ask how many units they manage and how much experience they have. If it's a larger organization, feel free to inquire about their different staff qualifications.

2. Review their management agreement. Make sure it explicitly explains the process for termination if you are unhappy with their services, but especially if they violate the terms of your agreement.

3. Understand the fees involved and calculate the total cost for an entire year of management so you can compare the different managers. It may sound nice to pay a 5% management fee but the extra fees can add up to be more than the other company that charges 10% with no add-on fees. Fees should be clearly stated, easy to understand, and justifiable. If you ask the manager to justify a fee and he starts hemming and hawing, move on or require them to remove the fee. Don't be afraid to negotiate!

4. Review their lease agreement and addenda. Think of all the things that could go wrong and see if the lease addresses them: unauthorized pets or tenants, early termination, security deposit, lease violations, late rent, eviction, lawn maintenance, parking, etc.

5. Don't just read the lease! Ask the manager to explain their process for dealing with maintenance, late rent, evictions, turnover, etc. If they are professional, they can explain this quickly and easily. If they are VERY professional, they will have their processes in writing as verification that it is enforced equally and fairly by their entire staff.

6. Ask to speak with some of their current owners and current/former tenants. You can also check their reviews online at Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Just remember: most negative reviews are written by problematic tenants. The fact they are complaining online might be an indication the property manager dealt with them properly so be sure to ask the manager for their side of the story.

7. Look at their marketing strategy. Are they doing everything they can to expose properties to the widest possible market? Are their listings detailed with good quality photos? Can they prove how long it takes to rent a vacant property?

This isn't inclusive but should give you a good start. If you have specific questions about property management, I'll be happy to help!

Thanks @Nathan G.

This is some great info that I totally agree with. I have started doing most of these already but I like your point of negotiating with them on some of the fees. I will take a look at that site to see what I can find in the Flint area. 

If anyone else has additional property managers they suggest I would love to hear about them to compare.

Hi Canneton,

I'm not using these companies, but I know one investor that is.

Grant Hamady Weichert Realtors and Ideal Homes and Realty are who I would consider first, when I'm ready to turn mine over to property management.

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