Flood Insurance in Savannah

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Hello all!

I am looking at the Savannah, GA/surrounding areas for single family rentals and was wondering about flood insurance costs in the area. I’ve browsed the Savannah posts from local investors, but have not seen much mention of flood insurance premiums as being prohibitive to a cash flowing property.

What is the typical cost of flood insurance in the area? Would this cost be enough to erode (pun intended!) any potential cash flows?

I assume the premiums increase as you get closer to the high-probability flood zones. Are there any areas to avoid due to the high possibility that there will be a flood?

Would love to hear from Savannah investors and would appreciate if they can share their experience!


Not specific to your city but generally good practice to avoid homes that require flood insurance, especially those in the national program as the cost can be high and the risk of flooding high as well, FEMA's maps are great tools and scary accurate sometimes.

@Aaron K. Thanks for the tip- the FEMA maps are super helpful!

Can anyone share their experience with storm flooding, neighborhoods or flood areas to avoid, any other helpful tips to a newbie investor in the Savannah area?

Much appreciated!

@Dan Hertler Basically all of Tybee Island is a flood zone, and a large portion of what we call "the islands" (which is Tybee, Whitemarsh, Wilmington, Talahi, Oatland Islands). I know the flood zones were recently redrawn and a lot of the islands were removed from the flood plain. Another area that floods a lot is in the Thunderbolt area around Victory Drive can get pretty bad from heavy rains because of bad drainage systems. Let me know if you'd like costs and I can get them for you.

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