Who is responsible for clogged drains?

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Is the owner or the tenant responsible? The drains were not clogged when the house was rented out so I would think it is automatically the tenants fault. Can I charge the tenant to fix the drains?

I was looking into your problem, and found an interesting answer. Basically, you are responsible for any damage caused by tree roots, bad pipes, or other natural wear & tear. If the clog was caused by your tenant (by shoving something down the drain that didn't belong, or otherwise), they should pay. You plumber can normally tell you what the cause was.

I'd consult your RE Attorney to be certain, though. Also, check your rent agreement to see if you've got anything included in it.

Yep, Pam is right on again! I used to tell my tenants that I would come over and snake the drain, BUT if a Barbie Doll or similar comes out they're paying. Never had a quarrel with a tenant regarding this.

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If property is a SFR, then tenant should pay unless it is roots, etc. The best solution is to make ANY clog after the first 5 days of the lease to be the tenants' responsibility.

In a multi-family, it is harder to pinpoint who is responsible so offering to split that cost might be appropriate.

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