Is bedroom carpet cleaned a reasonable request for tenant/roommate?

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I have a prospective tenant/roommate wanting to move in. Prospective tenant asked that their bedroom be steam cleaned as pet dander.

I have a dog. (Yes... despite all my complaining about pets.)
Is this a reasonable tenant request, or a sign of a picky tenant?[/b]

I'm going month to month with this tenant. It seems like a reasonable request that just their room be cleaned. The carpets are older, and I do have a pet.

In this tenant's favor: they own their own house (but rent it out), they have a job, clean car, clean background, they love the location, decently dressed, polite, they got the house in a divorce, and want a place quick because they decided not to live with who they were dating so soon. I will require a money order since it's such a quick move in.

@Jon K. -

Seems like a bit of a no-brainer to me. A small request that their space that they are renting be clean(?). I would accommodate as quickly as possible and move on with the transaction.

That's what I thought.

It's visibly clean. Not stained or gross-- looks good, just not new. I don't have a problem running over it with my steamer.

This is a roommate situation,.. that's the only reason I wonder if it's a picky request. They'll be living with a dog.

+1 ...

You might be best just to buy a steam cleaner. We did, and it paid for itself within 2-3 sessions :)

Dishwasher Soap & Vinegar normally gets the job done :)

I do have a steam cleaner. I told them I could use my steam cleaner, but I'm not planning to have it professionally cleaned.
The carpet has no stains-- it's just the potential dust/dander. I can vacuum and use my steam cleaner and it should be top notch.

I think that it's a reasonable request. I personally always have the carpets cleaned when I turn over an apartment.

Cool. I'm planning to run my home steamer over it to get it ideal. I don't want to fork over for professional cleaning just for a cheap roommate who will have a month-to-month lease. After utilities and professional carpet cleaning, that would eat most of the rent.

I think I set my roommate rent too low. How cheap it is kind of makes me think they should be thrilled with everything as is. I would be if I was them. The nearby rentals are about the same price in rent, but half the value and quality of my house in slightly less nice neighborhoods. My fault there. Maybe I should be equally thrilled with their rent income, small or not, it's a start. At least it pays my utilities, and sometimes a little of my insurance. Mortgage and property taxes and the rest of the insurance is on me. Next spring I can reevaluate roommate rent/utility rates. I pay most of the house costs and do all of the lawn care, but I do get more benefits than they do. And, some equity. I'm just hoping I get roommates who are easy to live with and appreciate the deal they're getting in such a nice area.

I've never asked a landlord to steam carpets. Never would've thought it was an option. I would've assumed anything I wanted done I would've had to do myself. But, I guess it's not unreasonable for a tenant to ask that. On second look, it could use a vacuuming this week-- hadn't vacuumed this week in there.

I'm glad it's not a sign of being a nit-picky tenant.

If they are picky about cleanliness, that's a good quality in a tenant or roommate.

Professional carpet cleaning is not as expensive as some think. In my area, there's a lot of competition. My guy will do a living room, hall, and three bedrooms for about $80. He's also good with stains and knows what to put on them. He can look at a room and say, "That stain is Pepsi, that one is Faygo 60/40, and that one is frosting."

I honestly don't know how these guys make any money after spending $30K on a van and another $30K on equipment. Then you have to get insurance and advertise. It takes a lot of jobs to get that money back.

Originally posted by Rob K:
He's also good with stains and knows what to put on them. He can look at a room and say, "That stain is Pepsi, that one is Faygo 60/40, and that one is frosting."

Reminds me of that stanley steamer commercial where the one guy says to the other "have you ever cleaned up after an alpaca? I have and it was AWESOME!" lmao

I would assume that to be a reasonable request as well. After all, you are renting the space, you do not own it, so therefore a tenant should assume the space should be treated as if they were a guest in someone's home.

Granted not all house guests vacuum their own room after using it for weeks, the same goes for renters who think they shouldn't have to because they are paying for the space.

Regardless, it's a simple request, and as long as a tenant isn't expected to pay for a cleaner to do it, it shouldn't be a problem.

Now if there are stains that go beyond what a standard vacuum can clean, then maybe a forfeit of deposit is necessary so the landlord can incur costs of the cleaning.

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