I recently bought a short sale as a buy and hold rental. One of the items to fix was getting the gas line connected again. The previous owner had a gas leak so the local utility company, Washington gas, cut the line where it enters the house (not at the street).

I fought with Washington gas for about six weeks trying to get answers on how to get the gas turned back on. It was frustrating. Finally, the person I had been working with in the department that installs new meters emailed me saying to just have my plumber connect the outside line to the meters in the basement. So I did.

Not too long after, I received an email from the same person saying that we actually need to move the meters outside. I am not for this idea, as it would cause additional delays and not insignificant costs to fix the pipes connecting the new outdoor meter to my appliances.

I see that I have two primary options:

  1. 1. Ignore their request to move the meters outside and keep on truckin’
  2. 2. Remind them that they originally told me to connect the line and buzz off

What would you do?